Only 6 Days Until…

my-corn-stalks  my-centerpiecesTHE HOE DOWN!  Today the decorating began with corn stalks and center pieces.  This is the most fun part of hoe down preparation for Mary!  Our garage is lined with corn stalks and our kitchen counters are lined with centerpieces.  This is the week when we move into high gear to get everything ready.  Everyone from the DJ to the caterer to the friend that helps with shopping for food at Costco to the dessert makers, etc. have been contacted and have confirmed they are ready.  Cleaning of the barn will happen on Friday evening.  Tables and chairs have been ordered and will be delivered on Saturday morning.  We laugh about the “upgrades” this year.  Last year it was bring your own chair and your own drinks.  This years we have tables and chairs and beer!!  We’re “movin’ on up!”  It takes a lot of work to put on a fund raiser, but it’s a huge part of a non-profit, especially at the stage we are in.  We are extremely appreciative of every dollar we receive and we are more than willing to do everything necessary to make this event fun for the whole family.  We hope to see you there!


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