Time Marches On


The Foundation is revving up, at incredible speed.  Sounds funny to say, but we have been living in a “hurry up and wait” mode, along with “two steps forward; one step backwards” mode for a number of months.  We are beyond being frustrated; we have learned to just “go with the flow.”

Currently we are preparing for a Board of Directors Retreat, which will be held on Saturday, October 1st.  It will be led by Liz Truong Doyle, who is the former Executive Director of the Seattle Transplant House.  She has resigned from the Seattle House as of July 1st and has returned to being a consultant for non-profits.  Liz has been a supporter of our foundation since Brad and Mary visited her in Seattle…Brad in October and Mary in December 2015.

Liz has tasked us with researching a lot of things in order to be ready for the retreat.  It’s all consuming, but Mary works best with a task list and she is making progress.  In the end, Liz will have shown our board what a non-profit board looks like, along with duties and responsibilities.  She will have developed by-laws, a business plan, a financial plan, and given us help with fund raising issues.  Based on the research mentioned above, we, as a board, will make a final decision about moving forward.  This is BIG STUFF!  And these are EXCITING TIMES!

Liz is working in concert with Brian Annino, our attorney and member of our board in order to apply for our own 501c3 status with the IRS and registering with the State of Georgia.

We are officially separated from Enduring Hearts.  We are grateful for all they did to get us up and running.  We could not have even begun this journey without their help and encouragement.

Last thing…we are in the planning stages of the “2nd Annual Preserve at Etowah Hoe Down” to benefit the foundation.  It will be held, once again at Wildwood Farm, the horse farm behind our house.  This year we are adding an raffle to the program, so we are out seeking donations for those two things.  It isn’t easy!  But, as with everything else, we’re just doing it!


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