inside-cabin      Yesterday, October 1, 2016, was a BIG day in the life of the Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation.  Liz Truong, a non-profit consultant, who Brad and Mary met in Seattle late last year when she was the Executive Director for the Seattle Transplant House, flew into Atlanta to host a retreat for our board of directors.  We met for six hours at “The Cabin” (thank you Brad and Heather Merkl) and covered a lot of information about what being a board member means and the duties and responsibilities of being a board member.  We also covered the legal aspects of becoming fully registered with the State of Georgia and the IRS.  Liz has worked together with Brian Annino, our attorney, to take care of the legalities.  We are, as of last Wednesday, registered with the State and we have our EIN.  Brian and Liz made a commitment yesterday to submit the application for our 501(c)3 to the IRS by October 15th.  That took care of the morning!  We broke for lunch and got back to work for the afternoon.  That is when we discussed financial information, budgets and fund raising.  To say that we realized very quickly how much we need Liz’s expertise would be an understatement.  She has “been there, done that” in EVERY way.  She speaks our language.  She left us with this…”I’m going to keep all of you busy for the next three months when you will have your next board meeting.  Then we will move on to the next step.”  So now we’re waiting for out “to-do” lists!  We are obviously a “start-up,” but we won’t be for long!  We are all excited about the future of the JCEF.

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