Visit to the Manhattan Transplant House

Mt Sinai Transplant House

Brad was in New York on October 29th, for business, so he swung by the Transplant Living Center on the Upper East Side (235 East 95th St).  What a place!  They were the fortunate recipient of a large donation that paid for a complete restoration.  12 beds, but like all transplant homes, they need twice as many.  And to add to that, a hotel in NY is very expensive when they’re out of space.

We’re building a grassroots coalition…one meeting at a time.  We are going to change the world.

One thing that impressed Brad about this transplant home was the amazing way it was furnished.  As he described it, we were so aware that this home is “done up” in exactly the way that we, as a family, have envisioned any facility that we build.  We are of the firm believe that our guests deserve NOTHING BUT THE BEST!

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