Visit to Seattle Transplant House

liz seattle

One of the goals of our family is to visit as many of the existing transplant houses as possible.  Brad was able to make the first visit on Friday, October 23rd.  He was in Seattle on a short business trip, 24 hours to be exact…5,400 miles for two meetings and the flight home arrived via layovers in Denver and Cincinnati with bad weather to boot.

He met with Liz Truong at the Seattle Transplant House on the campus of the University of Washington.  Liz is the Executive Director and the type of person who is very quickly becoming an asset to our Foundation – bright, personable, passionate, and open to new ideas.

There is a MASSIVE need in Seattle for a bigger transplant home (a home; not a facility…that’s way too sterile and “hospital like”).  Seattle has four hospitals that do organ transplants and they serve six states!  Good luck getting an organ transplant instate if you live in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and others.  The Seattle Transplant House has 24 apartments for patients and their caregivers, but they need at least 100.

These poor people in the northwest have to uproot and travel hundreds of miles for life saving medical attention and a lot of them have no where to live.  No one, and we mean NO ONE, should be put through the emotional and financial stress of relocating to an unfamiliar city with little to no resources while waiting on an organ transplant.

A coalition needs to be built.  Resources and brainpower need to join forces.  It breaks our hearts to know our country’s healthcare system is failing.  We will fix this.

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