First Annual Preserve at Etowah Hoe Down

                                                    Hoe down 4


Hoe down Annabelle            Hoe down Andrew

Hoe down 6         Hoe down 5

On Saturday, October 27, 2015, the Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation had it’s first fund raiser.  It was held at Wildewood Farm in Ball Ground.  The use of one of their horse barns was donated by Hannah and Peter Zapletal.  With the help of good friends, Nancy & Harry Stewart, and Linda and Lanny Everett, we had the barn decorated like an old-fashioned hoe down, lots of lights, scare crows, pumpkins, etc!  We had a DJ (our neighbor Everett Cope), who kept the barn rocking all night long with a fantastic assortment of country music.  We had hay rides for the kids, a bon fire to be enjoyed by all, and a wonderful BBQ dinner, much of which was provided by another good friend, Jan Webster.  Bob and Mary had the opportunity to tell about our Foundation, especially from the standpoint of how it affects both the patient and the family.  Patrick Gahan was with us to represent Enduring Hearts and their foundation’s goal of funding research to make heart transplants last longer was also presented.  Many, many thanks go to all who participated.  We had more than 90 people there and their donations at the door added up to a VERY good start to our fund raising efforts.  Our Foundation bank account is officially open!  And YES…there will be a Second Annual Preserve at Etowah Hoe Down next year.  Stay tuned!

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