Meeting with Enduring Hearts

cracker barrel
On Monday, August 17th, Bob, Mary and Brad met with Patrick Gahan and Ankur Chatterjee of Enduring Hearts for a breakfast meeting at Cracker Barrel in Kennesaw.   We felt it was a very productive meeting and from our discussions, we feel like our two organizations would do well to work together, whatever form that takes.  They gave us a lot of helpful information and in that process we realized how much further ahead of us they are!  We are so much just in a beginning place, but like them, this is a passion for us.  And we believe that passion runs both of our efforts.
They offered to send us a list of other foundations that they mentioned to us which are good about sharing their story, their knowledge and perhaps their resources.  Right now we are dealing with a very limited time line for a lot of money!  Any help we can get from any resource, we will take.
When our two families were sitting at the table and really began sharing our stories, emotions were running high.  That is the very thing that the general public needs to see in order to realize the full impact of transplants.  Patrick is literally fighting for his little girl’s life.  Our goal is to make the transplant process more caring and more hopeful for those families that are walking the path we walked.   We know how the families feel and the emotions they deal with.  The research that their foundation is funding excites all of us beyond belief.  Maybe someday due to efforts of organizations like theirs and ours, there will no longer be a need for more than one transplant, people will be able to live much longer and with much more quality of life than is possible now, and a facility to stay in while someone is dealing with the transplant process will no longer be needed.  It’s a big order, but our family comes from the view that nothing is impossible with our God.  He has gifted us with the ability to do what we are doing.  And quite honestly, nothing will be accomplished if people like us and the two guys we met with this morning don’t step up to the plate, so to speak, to make a difference.
We look forward to meeting with them again soon.

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