Third Meeting with Bill Kaufmann


This meeting was attended by Bill, Bob and Mary, as well as Brad, who met Bill for the first time.  A lot of the discussion revolved around the Vision and Mission Statements for the Foundation.   They need to be extremely brief, which, admittedly, is hard for Bob and Mary to wrap their heads around.  Bill gave us excellent ideas for both, so we will review those and form the two statements for the present time.

Bill and Brad took some time getting to know each other.  And in that process a few ideas were birthed.  Brad met a gentleman a few days ago during a business meeting who happens to be on the Board of a non-profit foundation called “Enduring Hearts.”  The founders of this foundation are parents to a little girl, who at 2-years-old needed and received a heart transplant.  The emphasis for their foundation is research into ways to make a transplanted heart last longer.  Because their foundation and ours are centered on the same issue – TRANSPLANTS – we will contact them to see if we can work together in some way.

It was also decided that we needed to contact Mendal Bouknight at Piedmont to arrange for a tour of the Piedmont facility that could possibly be our first “house.”

Honesty from Mary…I came away from this meeting with my head spinning.  It seems like we just turned a corner into unchartered waters.  But I was assured that this will happen throughout the process of forming our foundation.  So after dealing with the emotions inside of me, I moved on and accepted where we are in this process.

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