Meeting Brian Annino, Attorney

Marietta Diner

Bob, Mary and Brad met with Brian Annino, of Annino Law Firm.  He is a personal friend of Brad’s, who had worked with other non-profit foundations.  He first wanted to know about Jeff, so we told him Jeff’s story.  Then we talked about the legal requirements for a non-profit.  He will register us as a corporation (foundation) with the State of Georgia.  And he will draft the Articles of Incorporation.  He will also contact a CPA that he works closely with to get the application for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.

After the State of Georgia approves us, we can then open a bank account and begin fund raising.  Any donations made before the 501(c)(3) is approved will be retroactive for tax purposes.

This was a very information meeting for all of us.  And it cleared up a lot of confusion in Mary’s mind.

Brian agreed to being a part of our Board of Directors, which takes us up to seven.  Thank you, Brian!

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