More Planning with Bill Kaufmann

Getting Started

Bob and Mary met with Bill this morning.  We had a thorough conversation about the mission statement for the Foundation.  First draft:  “Transform the way transplant patients and their families are cared for.  And to raise awareness about….(the transplant process)…through education, legislation….”

For the purpose of attracting potential board members and the general public, we talked about getting a professional video done that expresses the mission,

We need a startup budget in order to legally get the Foundation set up.  We will need an attorney and a CPA and  we will need to set up a very professional-looking website.  We also need to start seriously thinking about where we will get seed money to begin this project.

Hopefully, we will hear back from Piedmont Hospital (or we will contact them) to see if they are truly interested in being a partner with the Foundation.  If they reply affirmatively, we will need to begin looking at the space at Piedmont to see if it truly will serve our needs, based on our Mission Statement.

Next meeting will be next week to finalize the ideas written about, above.

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