Business Planning in the Evans’ Think Tank


June 18, 2015

Mary woke up every early today and began thinking about the scope of the project and potential Board members.  Her thinking followed the discussion of yesterday.  This is, of course, a baby step in this process and she is only putting it here in order to compare what actually happens

  1. Build out Piedmont space – Will ultimately be owned and managed by Piedmont Hospital
  2. Discussion with transplant teams of Emory and Piedmont to help with #3
  3. Educate people about transplant through media exposure
  4. Raise awareness about transplants – Golf tournaments/5K runs/concerts – Make Atlanta the “awareness center” for transplants
  5. Make a plan for awareness projects
  6. Build the first house in Atlanta which will be the template for future houses in other locations.  Template will be sold to future hospitals to help fund the endowment fund for the Atlanta house.
  7. The Atlanta house would possibly have space for Bob and Mary to live in and possibly space for the Georgia Transplant Foundation’s office
  8. Build a house in Augusta
  9. Start a South Carolina Transplant Foundation
  10. Build a house in Charleston (this is where Britt got his heart)
  11. Research other states or cities that need transplant houses and continue the momentum working the local hospitals.

Possibilities for the Board and the reason including expertise and diversity…

  1. Mary Evans
  2. Bob Evans
  3. Brad Evans
  4. David Williams – Finance
  5. Betty Mills – Banking
  6. Bill Kaufmann – Business Planning
  7. Chip Grizzard (or Cox Curry Person ) – Fund Raising Experts
  8. Donald Jansen – Cardiologist, St. Joseph’s and Emory
  9. Andy Smith – Transplant Doctor, Emory

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