Beginning the Business Plan


June 17, 2015

Bob and Mary met with Bill Kaufmann, who has volunteered to develop a business plan for the Foundation.  In preparation for this meeting, Bob and Mary worked off a template for a non-profit foundation business plan and brought that to Bill.  Then the discussion began.  Bill is all about being “big thinkers.”  His theory is that if you have a “big thinking plan” and the right Board of Directors for your foundation, there is no end to what can be accomplished.  The Evans family has been “thinking big” from the beginning and we totally agreed with what Bill was telling us.  The meeting went extremely well, with Bill agreeing to be a member of our Board.  These are the things that Bill will be working on in preparation for our next meeting:

  1. Read over our material
  2. Draft a comprehensive mission statement
  3. Draft a comprehensive project plan that leads to an Open House Celebration Event within 24 months
  4. Draft the types of individuals needed for not-for-profit Boards
  5. Draft a flyer that can be used to invite specific individuals to join our Board
  6. Draft the business plan structure that leads to the review/approval of the Board
  7. Identify the location/scope and funding of the Home within the next 6 months
  8. Set up a project website for us to use to collect information and share it between Bill and the 3 Evans

We talked a lot about the kind of people we will need on the Board.  We will need some “monied” people and a great variety of expertise among the members from financial, marketing, fund raising, it.  We also, as already mentioned, will need a diverse Board, ethnically speaking.

The “scope” of the project was also discussed.  We need to branch out from a local transplant house to something much bigger.

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