Tommy Smith

GTF Photo of Tommy and Tom Glavin

His gentleman (pictured above with Tom Glavin) must be a part of this story and this vision.  About 15 years ago, Bob worked at Carmax selling cars with Tommy Smith.  Tommy’s story began in Vietnam when he was severely injured in combat, requiring eventually a kidney transplant.  At that time there were no services available for transplant patients.  It’s safe to say that transplants were in their infancy stage.  Tommy’s sister actually donated one of her kidneys to him.  So, lacking support, Tommy determined that he would begin a foundation to help transplant patients, which he called The Georgia Transplant Foundation.  When we first learned of Jeff’s need for a transplant, Bob went over to Tommy’s house (where he was at that point on dialysis).  Tommy became a huge support to our family and the GTF actually donated $10,000.00 to Jeff’s fundraising efforts.  Tommy has since passed away, but we were so impressed to hear of the passion he had for the GTF and Pat made the comment that surely Tommy was looking down on our meeting with a smile on his face.  What a privilege it will be for the Evans family to carry on the legacy begun by Tommy Smith.

Quotes from Tommy Smith from a you tube video:

“That just made me mad” – referring to a young boy who lost his life after a transplant because his mom worked and he wasn’t able to take his medications.  “It could have been prevented.”

“I chose a Board made up of people who were EXCITED about what they believed in.”  And to this day, some of those Board members are still passionately serving the GTF.

“I needed a celebrity” – Tom Glavin filled that role for him.

Tommy was PASSIONATE about the Georgia Transplant Foundation.  His presence can still be felt in the conference room where we first met to discuss our vision.

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