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Since we have begun this journey, we have seen the hand of God at every turn.  And we can be confident that it started 15 years ago at Carmax.  We have very quickly learned that the “transplant world” in Atlanta is tightly connected together.  In every conversation, in every place we have met people, they all know each other!  The first conversation with Dr. Smith included him asking who Jeff’s cardiologist was.  When I told him, he responded that Dr. Jansen is still on his team!  Every doctor knows every other doctor and the staff at the GTF knows everyone!  Coincidence; we think not!  God has a plan for this house; He began it many, many years ago, and we have begun the journey to bring it to completion.

General Information

Georgia is the only state that has a Transplant Foundation.  And transplantation is growing every year.   Other hospitals in other states obviously do transplants, but they do not have the luxury (and yes, it is a luxury) of a foundation to help them through the process.  Many of these hospitals have transplant houses.  Here is the link to the GTF, which will show exactly what their mission is and how they assist patients.  One of the things they do, that directly relates to our vision is they pay for the housing that is, and will be, available to patients and their families.

Facts about the “Transplant World” in Atlanta from the Georgia Transplant Foundation

Red Heart GTF  More than 11,500 Georgians have received a life saving organ transplant

Red Heart GTF  More than 3,200 Georgians are currently waiting for an organ transplant


As we talked to the GTF group, we actually thought forward to how “The Jeffrey Campbell Evans House,” if created properly, could be copied in other cities and other states. It could be used as a model, so to speak.  And exciting to our family was this statement, “they could all be called “The Jeffrey Campbell Evans House!”  A true legacy to our boy.

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