Still Moving Forward at Home While in a “Waiting Pattern” – May & June 2015

Bob continues to expand our foundation’s contact data base of people and organizations . Shown here below is the beautiful logo Bob designed. It symbolizes our love of life, family and the commitment we share to embrace the lives of all who pass through our doors.


Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation

Another idea….Over the entry door, there will be a sign that says:


June 1, 2015

Mary contacted Pat at the GTF to see if there was any feedback from our meeting with the Board.  Mary was told “no” but that Pat would get back to her later.

June 4, 2015


Bob and Mary met in our “outdoor office” (pictured above) and began going forward as if we had to do this project “on our own.”  We decided to begin the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.  We will begin working on a business plan with the help of Bill Kaufman.  We will actively contact transplant houses that are already in operation through the U.S. We will contact David Mimms, a personal friend, to get an understanding about actual available property in the Atlanta area.  We will make contact with an organization that can guide us through the process of starting a foundation.  We will begin thinking about Board members for our foundation.   And we brainstormed a lot of idea about creative ways to fund the decorating of the house.

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