The Georgia Transplant Foundation


April 26, 2015

Bob made a call to the GTF, leaving a voice mail, telling them our story and our desire and praying for a response.

May 4, 2015

Sandy McMath, Director of Patient Services, called us back and set up a meeting for us to meet with her and Pat Rotchford, Executive Director.  She was extremely excited about the possibility of this happening and wanted to share what role the GTF could play.  She asked us to bring “Jeff’s Story” to the meeting.

May 5, 2015

So…armed with Jeff’s Story and many, many questions, Bob and Mary met with Sandy and Pat.  It was the most incredible meeting.  We were with them for almost two hours.  We talked a lot about our vision and our boy.  They talked about how GTF could help us.  We left that meeting confident that we would be partnering with the GTF, with them being our Fiscal Partner.  That means that we would not have to set up a 501(c)(3) because all monies would funnel through their organization.  Eventually an Endowment Fund will have to be set up to manage the house, but that comes much later.  Both sides of the table were very impressed with the passion coming from the other side.  As we were leaving, we were told that Bill Backus, Chairman of the Board of the GTF, and coincidentally a heart transplant recipient, was going to be in the office the next day.  Would we come back?  Absolutely!

May 6, 2015

We got a call that Mr. Backus was short on time today and that he wanted to be able to spend some quality time with us, and would be come back tomorrow.  Absolutely!

May 7, 2015

Bob and Mary met with Mr. Backus, Pat and Cheryl Belair, Director, Development and Community Relations.  This meeting truly “set the train in motion.”  Between our two meetings, Pat and Cheryl had gotten together to figure out a way for the GTF to be able to actually help with fundraising.  So our relationship would go beyond an Evans/GTF Fiscal Partner relationship to:




and the house would include space for the GTF Offices.  Bob and Mary were totally on board with the idea.  We were told that there is a lot of financing available (although it would still be up to us to bring in enormous amounts of support).  The Mason Foundation is one of the big possibilities.  And the GTF has very close ties to the three transplant hospitals in Atlanta (Emory, Piedmont and St. Joseph’s).  They are also very familiar with resources in the community.

Cheryl brought a lot of information about similar houses in Atlanta that accommodate patients with other problems, cancer being one of them.

Conclusion and “Going Forward”

Cheryl will set up appointments for Bob and Mary to visit the various houses that are already in operation, including the newest Ronald McDonald House.  Pat will arrange for us to meet with the Board of Directors on May 17th.  This will enable Bob and Mary to meet with the transplant doctors from all three hospitals to present our vision and to discuss going forward with all of them.  Huge!

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