Brad Meets with Mendal Bouknight of Piedmond Hospital

piedmont nurses

May 22, 2015 

Brad met with Mendal Bouknight as a follow-up to the meeting our family had with the Piedmont Foundation.  Mendal proposed a different idea for “the house.”  Piedmont has a part of the hospital that used to be used for nurses in training.  It is apparently set up much like a dormitory.  Their idea is to remodel this area in the way we want it to look, to be used just like “the house” would be used.  The family discussed the possibility and agreed that it was a viable option.  We would have to see the facility at some point to see what we would be dealing with.  Mendal asked us to give him 3-4 weeks before we discuss it further.

Notes:  The family agreed that all we really want is a place for patients to be comfortable and for families to find peace and hope as they live through the transplant experience.  And we also agreed that Jeff would be totally on board because we all know that Jeff would not care what form this project takes.  His heart would only desire the best for all involved.  So we will wait before we begin writing a business plan, as requested by the GTF.

Our wishes would be that this facility would be home-like and comfortable; not anything like a hospital setting.  We assume the rooms could be made to be much like we envisioned for “the house” and that any entry way, possibly from an elevator, would be warm and invitingly cozy.

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